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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life Changes:

WOW! Again, it has been a while since I've been on this blog. Believe me, it's not like I haven't been on the internet! I have had a couple changes in my life. I got a new boyfriend October 2010, and we are still happily together. I also (unexpectedly) got pregnant with fraternal twin girls! My pregnancy was awesome! I loved every second of being pregnant. My girls are almost 8 months old. They are truly the best babies ever!
When I was pregnant, the most I had gained was 20 pounds, then I went into the hospital 1 month before I delivered, and really blew up with fluid. I had a huge belly LOL, but I was ALL bab[ies]! Thankfully there was no fat! LOL! If you look to the right hand side at my weightloss chart, the hearts indicate when I was pregnant. I actually lost weight during the pregnancy. In February, one hospital noted that I was 231 pounds. A week later, in another hospital, I was at 250pounds the day I gave birth. I lost a total of 63 pounds within 3 weeks after giving birth! A few months later, with grabbing snacks during the 1 and 3am feedings and changings, I weighed in at 185.6lbs! That was fantastic news, as that was LESS than I weighed before getting pregnant!
My weight went up a little from there, the girls got into a routine of sleeping from 5 to 7pm all the way until 5am the next morning. I stopped snacking as much but didn't exercise either. The most exercise I got around that time (and now) is lifting both car seats and toting them around. I saw my weight get up to 189 and it stayed steady around 187lbs.
A few weeks ago, we started noticing that we had been frying a lot more food than we had been. I stopped frying food and have switched to healthier alternatives for myself (substituting a starchy potato for double low carb veggies and adding something else healthy too. I know how to eat. I just fell off the wagon for a bit. But now things are running smoothly again.
I can proudly say that I weight 184.6 this morning! Finally passed my lowest weight I had been in a few years (or since 6 years ago). That is a total of 41.2 pounds shed since July 14, 2010!!

So I think I am going to reward myself when I work towards target goals. I have some plans in motion. I'll be getting back on the elliptical. Walking the babies before it gets too cold. Using the few dozen workout dvds that I own. Perusing Pinterest for health tips. Incorporating all of the exercise equipment in my home that has been stored away. Continuing to eat healthy (especially with my favorite holiday feasts coming up). Watching portion sizes during the holidays. Eating slower. I really have to start drinking more water. I am adding a mug of unsweetened tea at each meal [black and green]. Drink a glass of water 15 minutes before I eat. Desserts have been replaced with fruit or other healthy alternatives.

It is so easy to place blame. I have binged since being home with the girls. No purging, just binge-ing. I could blame in on having to live off of hospital food for over a month, but that would just be a lame excuse. I have purchased snacks for my boyfriend, with the intentions that he will take them to work. You know, out of sight, out of mind. Well, he went on a camping trip alone with his sister, I felt bad and ate a whole bag of Twizzlers and half a tub of icecream. I ate a whole can of Pringles in one sitting (it's true, once you pop, you can't stop). I found generic Girl Scout cookies at Walmart, Samoas (you may know them as Caramel Delights). The whole box of cookies was gone in one day. Junkfood got the best of me when I was either very busy and needed something quick, or feeling low. Now, I know grabbing an apple or banana is just as quick, if not quicker, than grabbing processed foods, but my brain either craved the saltiness or the sweetness of the fattier option. That's the thing, our household shouldn't have had "options". So, I am working on making our home a lot healthier, mind, body and soul, one step at a time.

When I got with my boyfriend, I was a size 18. Now I am a size 12. It feels so good to give my pants to someone who has worked harder than myself in getting herself where she feels better. Keeping the items of clothes around that I didn't fit into anymore, kept me comfortable. I don't know why, considering if I was to put them on, they'd fall right off of me, and there's nothing more uncomfortable than hiking your pants up the whole time. I think it was the security in knowing that if I crept back up there, that I had something to wear.

Well, that's me in a nutshell, airing it all out. I am proud of who I am. I strive to be better. I am working at getting there, and while I haven't worked my "hardest", I have atleast been trying.

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