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32 years old, deeply inlove, Mommy of beautiful, blue eyed, blonde haired, twin girls! I am currently remodeling my life! "The way life should be". Join me as I take on some of the toughest projects with my mind, body, soul, and home interior! I'll also be documenting about my thrifty finds, inexpensive decor, crafts and food!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Half a Year Later, UPDATE:

Well, I haven't been doing much but carrying two 22+lb babies around everywhere... my 13 month old beauties! It's nice to see I am out of the "obese" category and into the "overweight" category. I started something today. I won't say "WHAT", just yet, but we'll see how this goes. This past week I have been eating low carb, with the exception of Easter dinner, a non-traditional.... lasagna! LOL! I also exercised this morning to Abs of Envy, LOL, and have been drinking water peeing like crazy! It's time for a new me. I'm in here, somewhere!
I wear a size 10, 11 if they are tight. This morning I weighed 181.8 and it is what it is.

Here are my measurements from the neck down:

Neck: 14"
Shoulder circumference (under beauty mark on right arm): 45"
Chest (under beauty mark on left boob): 38"
Bicep circumference (under left beauty mark): 14" same on both sides
Breast hanging-ness, haha! (from hole in neck to nipples): right: 11" left 11 1/2" Let's perk these babies up!
Waist (skinniest part): 35"
Belly (around belly button): 40"
Hips (around biggest part of hips): 44"
Knees: 17"
Calves (7" up from bottom): 15" around each

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